The 16th Festival of Polish Visual and Performing Arts

27.12.2025 – 04.01.2026

The Proposal Committee

Jennifer Hanson, Katie Kabala, Leszek Lendnal, Aneta Naylor, Andrzej Nowicki, Elżbieta Rombel, Juliet Rombel, Sophie (Zosia) Trask

The Vision

To engage, entertain and inspire audiences across the generations by providing a complete Polish cultural experience featuring performers and artists from Australia and New Zealand.

The Mission

To celebrate the diversity of Polish culture in our beautiful community where we come together to share the best of Polish dance, music, song, art, theatre, literature, film and culture.

The Objectives

Provide an opportunity for performers and artists frm Australia and New Zealand to demonstrate and share their unique culture.

Educate our audiences and offer a wide breadth of activities to engage, exxcite and inspire them to experience the Polish culture.

Build awareness of what PolArt has to offer as a world class celebration of Polish arts and culture.

Enhance the legacy of PolArt festivals with a successful event hosted in Wellington, New Zealand.

Contribute to the local economy both in hosting the event in Wellington and supporting local artists.

Encourage local businesses to become engaged in the festival and utilising their premises for the festival events as well as making use of local community facilities and open spaces.

Schedule events that are family friendly.

Provide performers and artisits with the oportunity to perform at the finest venues tha Wellington has to offer.

Work with PolArt Inc., the custodian of PolArt, to acknowledge and celebrate the 50th Anniversary of ‘The Festival of Polish Visual and Performing Arts’.

Make every effort to make the festival for particpiant sna dattendendees as cost effective as possible. As New Zealanders travelling to PolArts held in the various state capitals of Australia over many years, we understand the costs involved in travelling to another country and the accommodation requirements and costs to attend each festival.

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