“We stand on the shoulders of giants”

“Stoimy na barach gigantów”

This Honour Roll acknowledges iconic visionary people who contributed significantly to the development and propagation of the PolArt tradition through their outstanding support for and involvement in Polish Visual and Performing Arts groups participating in PolArt festivals.

Honouree: Acknowledged by:
Krzysztof Balcerak “Tatry” (Adelaide)
Ryszarda Bardaczewska “Kujawy” (Sydney)
Prakseda  Bartosiak † “Kujawy” (Sydney)
Bohdan Burbo † “Oberek” (Hobart)
Janina Czech † “Polonez” (Melbourne)
Zbigniew Czech † “Polonez” (Melbourne)
Henryk Duszyński OAM Tatry (Adelaide)
Leokadia Fillipow † “Obertas” (Brisbane)
Jerzy Gruszka † OAM “Tatry” (Adelaide)
Krystyna Gwizdałła “Obertas” (Brisbane)
Marta Jabłońska “Oberek” (Hobart)
Wacław Jędrzejczak “Tatry” (Adelaide)
Teresa Koronczewska “Łowicz” (Melbourne)
Konstancja Kotowska “Lajkonik” (Sydney)
Maria Krupska † “Kujawy” (Sydney)
Henryk Krzymuski † OAM “Polski Teatr Stary” (Adelaide)
Franciszek Kuropka † “Obertas” (Brisbane)
Zygmunt Matusiewicz-Matuszewski † “Tatry” (Adelaide)
Tadeusz Mikucki † “Tatry” (Adelaide)
Michał Mordwinow † “Tatry” (Adelaide)
Andrzej Munk “Polski Teatr Stary” (Adelaide)
Krystyna Orłowska “Oberek” (Hobart)
Bożena Pagin “Lajkonik” (Sydney)
Jan Pogonowski “Lajkonik” (Sydney)
Tomek Prokop “Oberek” (Hobart)
Władysław Rogowski † OAM “Tatry” (Adelaide)
Henryk Ruta † “Polonez” (Melbourne)
Franciszek Rutyna † “Obertas” (Brisbane)
Jadwiga Sołka-Krajewska “Kujawy” (Sydney)
Teresa Spurtacz “Kujawy” (Sydney)
Jadwiga Krystyna Straszyńska † “Łowicz” (Melbourne)
Andrzej Szczygielski † OAM Federacja SA
Józef Walczak “Syrenka”  and “Warszawska Syrenka” (Sydney)
Edek Wasilewski “Oberek” (Hobart)
Marysia Wasilewska “Oberek” (Hobart)
Marek Wójcik “Oberek” (Hobart)
Janina Wrzesz † “Łowicz” (Melbourne)
Paweł Zając † “Tatry” (Adelaide)
Hania Zdoń “Lajkonik” (Sydney)
Krystyna Zyfert “Syrenka” (Sydney)

Ratified by the Executive of PolArt Inc 28.10.2018, we invite all folkloric and/or cultural groups in Australia and New Zealand to contribute to this list of the people (living or no longer with us) who contributed significantly to (but are no longer active in) a group and/or its participation in the history of PolArt.

The intention is to acknowledge and honour these visionary people by maintaining this concise honour roll on the PolArt Inc. website. If anyone has information about the very founders of PolArt (or ArtPol as it was originally known), or significant contributors to the development and propagation of the PolArt tradition, please nominate them as per the form below:

Christian Name Surname († indicates deceased) Group / City Position / Contribution

Send all nominations to : polartincorporated@gmail.com

Thank you for your time and contributions towards remembering the icons of PolArt upon whose broad shoulders we now stand!