Polish Visual and Performing Arts in Australia and New Zealand Inc. (hereafter referred to as PolArt Inc.) was established in 2016 as an incorporated entity of Polish organisations which has come together to support the promotion of Polish culture in Australia and New Zealand through the Polish Visual and Performing Arts festival known as PolArt. All our member organisations participate in PolArt festivals with enormous energy, passion and commitment.

PolArt Inc. owns the intellectual property rights and legacy associated with the triennial PolArt festival, and is an independent body overseeing the organisation and partial financing of each subsequent PolArt festival hosted in a different city across Australia and New Zealand. The most recent festival was successfully staged in Brisbane at the end of 2018 (https://polart2018.com.au/).

The goal of PolArt Inc. is to ensure that the great initiative of the Polish Women’s Association of Australia and New Zealand under the leadership of Mrs Zofia Krupska in 1975 will never be lost, and will continue to be celebrated for many years to come.

As as the custodians of PolArt festivals, our aims are:

  1. to promote Polish Performing and Visual Arts at PolArt festivals across Australia and New Zealand,
  2. to facilitate collaboration between Polish folkloric dance ensembles in Australia and New Zealand, and other artistic organisations who are stakeholders in PolArt festivals.
  3. to develop written standards for PolArt festivals which reflect the expectations of the Polish folkloric dance community and communities of affiliated art forms.
  4. to work with each PolArt festival Organising Committee to ensure festivals are planned to the standards and expectations established by PolArt Inc.
  5. to establish and maintain a comprehensively documented archive which protects the history and legacy of all previous PolArt festivals.