Sponsorship Opportunities

PolArt is a unique national community event and offers a wide range of sponsorship opportunities. It is with great pleasure that PolArt Inc. invites you to be part of this significant triennial event that promotes the arts, engages the local community and contributes to the multicultural character of Australia. Previous PolArt festivals have been financed by the generosity of corporate sponsors, the Polish and local community, government and private grants, with all monies raised going directly into running and promoting the festival. Individual event sponsorship is also available.

Overall Sponsor Benefits

As a sponsor of PolArt, your organisation is:

  • demonstrating their involvement with the community,
  • gaining local and national brand exposure through the PolArt festival’s marketing campaign,
  • promoting a unique cultural and performing arts event,
  • supporting multiculturalism and the richness of Polish culture, and
  • broadening your brand recognition.

Target Audiences

Each PolArt festival aims to showcase the Polish culture to a broad section of Australian communities. The anticipated audiences for PolArt festivals include:

  • general public from various local regions,
  • first, second and third generation Polish-Australians,
  • visual and performing arts communities,
  • multicultural communities, and
  • PolArt participants and their entourage.

Typically over 1000 performers, artists and entourage take part in the PolArt festival. The majority of participants come from across Australia, New Zealand or Poland and include dance groups, theatre companies, film makers, artists, dignitaries, family and friends.

Festival Publicity and Promotion

PolArt festivals develop and implement extensive marketing strategies, including local, national and international marketing materials and a comprehensive media kit. The key objective of the campaign is to align PolArt festival events with the vibrancy and sense of community within the host city, and promoted through a combination of free and paid media, such as the festival website and newsletters, community radio and television, online social media and arts portals. At the same time, promoting the host city and local region to interstate and international visitors is a key objective. Each festival continues a strong tradition of showcasing visual and performing arts inspired by our Polish cultural heritage, supporting the message of a cohesive multicultural Australian community.

Taxation Benefits

Sponsorship money is regarded as a general business expense and will be subject to relevant tax deductions. PolArt Inc. will therefore provide all sponsors with an appropriate tax invoice to submit as part of their annual tax return.

Please note however, that PolArt Inc. is not registered under Division 30, section 30-90 of the ITAA and donations are NOT directly tax deductible.

This advice is general, and all sponsors are advised to seek independent advice if this is applicable to their individual circumstances.

Sponsorship administration

To discuss the best sponsorship opportunities for your organisation and other ways you might like to participate in PolArt festivals, please “Contact Us”.