Zofia Jaskewycz (nee Rospond) and the Rospond Family Foundation

The motto for PolArt 2015 Melbourne was it’s all about love, blood and passion, and it was her love and passion for Polish art that led Zofia Jaskewycz (nee Rospond) to leave behind a generous legacy to ensure the future of PolArt for generations to come.

Although Melbourne was her home, Zofia’s heart remained in her beloved Poland. Born 10th April 1934 in Wieliczka Poland into the Rospond family, Zofia completed her university studies and in 1959 migrated to Melbourne Australia to meet and marry Dr Taras Jaskewycz.

Zofia endured a difficult life and did not have any children, but what buoyed her spirits against many daily hardships was her love for the arts and culture of her home country. She loved concerts, the visual arts, and indeed anything that would link her to her Polish upbringing. Her passion led her to support many Polish cultural and religious events in Melbourne. When Zofia was introduced to PolArt, she found her vehicle to encourage Polish art in Australia. Zofia truly believed that through PolArt, future generations could enjoy Poland’s magnificent artistic and cultural heritage in her adopted country.

Her faith in PolArt was so strong that when she realised she was terminally ill, Zofia decided to bequeath her estate and establish the Rospond Foundation for the purpose of funding future PolArt festivals. Zofia passed away 17th August 2014. The Foundation is a lasting reminder of her love and passion for the arts and her Polish community. Zofia sought to ensure that the children of the land she loved so much will have the opportunity to experience, uphold and maintain Poland’s unique, colourful and proud culture through PolArt festivals for years to come.